A Year In the Life of an Orchard

January---Pruning. All of the over 60,000 trees need to be trimmed and trained. Machines need repairing. Apples packed, sold, shipped.

February---Clear out old trees. Cut and chip the wood.

March---Prepare land for planting. Open 'sealed' rooms to pack and sell.

April---Planting. Each year the orchard plants thousands of young trees.

May---Bloom! Watch out for frost. It could take all your crop. Bee hives come!

June---Mowing....Over 300 acres take a long time to mow.

July---Peach, Nectarine, Plum harvest begins....Early apple harvest begins.

August---HARVEST BEGINS! Seasonal pickers are brought in to help.

September---Harvest continues with an eye to to the sky because hurricane season begins. Packing and selling apples, repairing machines, etc.

October---Harvest continues. Everything is picked by hand.

November---Harvest slows a bit now, but still goes on.

December---Harvest has ended. Time to clean up the orchard and repair equipment. Packing and selling apples continues at a fast pace. Apples are put in storage rooms and 'sealed' up for the winter months. Seasonal pickers return home.