Since 1904, farming has been a way of life for our family. It’s in our blood. For six generations we have prided ourselves on growing high quality fruit and hope to continue for generations to come.



Blue Hills Orchard was established in 1904 by William Henry. Dean of Agriculture at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, at the time, William Henry couldn’t resist the opportunity when he discovered the land that would eventually become Blue Hills Orchard. The Henrys packed up and moved to Wallingford, Connecticut in 1904. The first crop grown was cabbage, but peaches and cherries were the primary crops until 1940s when apples because the staple.

Blue Hill Orchard covers just over 300 acres – 250 acres are in apple production while another 30 are in peaches, plums and nectarines. Today the whole family pitches in on this fifth generation orchard which has grown, improved and modernized over five generations. Eric Henry, owner and great-great-grandson of William Henry, manages the orchard and packing facilities. His mother, Rita, does the bookkeeping and wife, Rebecca, runs a small retail facility on the farm. Just like his father and grandfather taught him how to work the land, Eric Henry is continuing this tradition with his own children.